Wednesday, 19 June 2013

And still tired…

I hoped to report being more rested today but in addition to waking at 4:20 I also woke up at 1:40am, so that did not improve matters. Having said that I think missing training last night did help, and I was able to complete my 40mins after work today thankfully, although I must admit I didn’t work full out the whole time.

I was really really hungry this afternoon. I ended up having a mug of Bovril and a mug of decaf with milk in an attempt to not be as hungry, but it only worked to a degree. I guess it confirms what we're always told about the importance of sleep - lacking sleep does make it harder to lose weight. Luckily I still didn't find the refined carb crap in the vending machine appealing (and for once a full working day passed without anyone celebrating a birthday) so there was nothing around I could eat.

Food today

Major shopping fail this week so my breakfast was a tad weird...
I only had one egg because I didn't buy enough, no yoghurt because I ate too much, no nuts because I'm still avoiding them, no milk not that I had anything to go with milk...
Breakfast: 1 hard boiled egg, half an (unripe) avocado & 30g smoked salmon mixed with salad dressing
Lunch: salad (bought on the way to work) with prawns and feta cheese and thousand island dressing
Dinner: cold chicken breast with broccoli
Snacks: Babybel & beef jerky

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