Friday, 3 May 2013

Why I'm finding low carb easier than I would have believed possible

Years ago the idea of going low carb would have horrified me. My beloved All Bran WAS breakfast, pasta was practically a food group in its own right, with noodles as an important sub-group, I baked my own bread yet still enjoyed trying every new artisan bread that I came across in farmers markets, bakeries etc... As for rice, I loved curries and Chinese food and my favourite Indian takeaway was biryani with a naan bread. How could I lose all that???

 The answer - initially - was self-diagnosing gluten intolerance after years of off-on constipation, bloating etc. Even then I tried desperately to change things as little as possible, switching to gluten free versions of my favourite staples, buying gf flours so I could continue baking, taking a gf cookery course (where I picked up a recipe for brownies so good it could still disturb my dreams...) And though I felt better within 3 days of making that change, clinging on to those things kept me wanting them, and left me dissatisfied because (with the exception of the brownies mentioned above) they simply are not as good as the originals. I'm sorry, they just aren't. Period.

 So when the return of bingeing behaviour forced me into this new dietary change, I wasn't giving up my favourite staples any more - I was giving up the pale imitations that had kept the love alive for too long and therefore kept me occasionally going back to the real thing even though it was bad for me - and that wasn't nearly as much of a hurdle!

 Obviously the huge ginormous exception to that statement is beer... I shouldn't have been drinking it on my gf diet but during my rebellions against that diet I discovered most beer didn't bother me as long as it was in moderation (I think I'm sensitive to wheat more than barley, as wheat beers were worse and therefore avoided) and therefore carried on regardless, as 90 percent of gf beer just isn't worth drinking... And I really do miss that!!! I could just try to drink the lower carb beers in small quantities but that feels like repeating the gf mistake all over again so I'm trying to resist that temptation as much as possible. But no-one ever talked about drinking a nice cooling, refreshing whiskey (even on ice) on a hot summer's day, or did a whiskey-food pairing dinner, so trying to transfer my allegiance to carb-free spirits is also unlikely to fully satisfy me. And I've cut back hugely on soft drinks to avoid that source of sweetness... I'm going to have to stick mostly to water... And that really hurts!!!
Any low carb options to make water taste more interesting, or do I just have to accept it as it is and let my taste buds die a little???


  1. Low carb options? Yep :-) Thanks goodness.
    Get the bar tender to fish out prettiest tall glass they have.
    Fill to one third with the dryest white wine he/she can find, then have it topped up with soda water (not tonic) with loads of ice-cubes, and maybe a slice or a dash of lemon or lime juice. If they have mint leaves, all the better.
    Refreshing, alcoholic without going mad, and just the job for summer.

  2. I love these so much... in coffee... yogurt... almond milk... smoothies...