Monday, 13 May 2013

Weekend round up plus

Nothing much to report for Saturday, I did very little - mostly household stuff - and only walked a mile. The forecast was so patchy I didn't trust the weather enough to go for a proper walk, and therefore missed an opportunity because in the end it stayed dry all morning and for a chunk of the afternoon even though it looked ominous.

 Yesterday I walked along the Kennet & Avon canal for 6 miles, mostly in glorious sunshine and, with little wind, high temperatures. It was lovely, but my original plan to walk about 11 miles was cut short because my walking boots died under me and I had to order some more. Luckily they were despatched today so I can start breaking them in soon- I generally spend a few days or weeks clumping around the house in new boots before I take them out for real.
Last night I struggled to get any sleep to speak of. I tried to get an early night because I was falling asleep anyway, but it didn't work out so well - I took ages to get to sleep, woke up several times, and woke for the last time just after 4am. It was both hard to get up - because I was knackered - and impossible to stay in bed longer - because I was frustrated, bored and stressed by the lack of sleep.

 I couldn't get a proper walk at lunchtime because I had to go to the post office to return some faulty electronic appliances before the deadline to do so. As always there was a queue and I was stuck in there for 6 years or so. I hate that... I wouldn't have gone much further anyway as it was also showery. Once my lunch break was over of course it got sunny, only to start raining again as soon as I walked from the office to my car. In fact it started to pour down as exactly as I turned into my street... I took that as a sign that I was too tired anyway, and settled in for the evening.
I tried a kind of Dukan-ization of my day today. I slipped up slightly yesterday and bought a large cappuccino without remembering that it had almost a full meals' worth of carbs. So I cut back big time on the carbs today - for breakfast I had bacon, a sausage (some carbs but not a lot) and hard boiled egg. For lunch I ate meat and cheese, for my snacking (yes, I snacked!) I had biltong & cheese, then for dinner I had a burger - no carbs, just beef and seasoning - topped with a slice of cheese, a poached egg, and some mushrooms cooked with a little cream. No salad or veg at all. I wouldn't want to do that everyday and I'm pretty sure some of you at least threw up a little just reading that, but as a one off it was kind of a guilty pleasure... ;-)

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