Thursday, 16 May 2013

Took ages to feel like posting today

Not for any really negative reason, I just didn't have a lot to write about. I'm quite busy at the moment, so I don't while away the hours thinking of stuff that may or may not end up here on the blog. In my lunch break I was reading a very interesting book. I probably find it more interesting at the moment because it supports my growing obsession with low carbing and more primal / pales eating (well, pales plus dairy because of my love of cheese. And yoghurt.) the book is called The Meat Fix and its by an English guy who was a vegetarian off and on vegan for 28 years getting increasingly ill with appalling IBS symptoms until his wife suggested one day that maybe their health problems, which in his case he had been suffering for about a decade, where not due to something they were eating, but to something they weren't - namely meat. So they did a complete 360 and started out by eating liver before expanding to eat all types of meat & fish, and instantly improved their health hugely (btw please don't think I'm writing about this to offend any vegetarians or vegans who read this, I just find its interesting because so many of my own problems have improved since going low carb) anyway, after telling you his own story the rest of the book is something of an angry anti-government, NHS and big business rant, but its really interesting and I really like the way he looks back at the food and habits of his own childhood (in 60's Yorkshire) and his parents & grandparents to compare them with the ones that made him (and many of us) ill. Really interesting but possibly more appealing to people who already agree with his opinions given his Angry not-so-young man tendencies!
I also did walk a couple of miles at lunchtime around an artificial lake with waterfowl. No walking after work though as once again it started raining the minute I got in my car to drive home. I'm too easily diverted from physical exercise this days, I must work on that.... She says for the 30,000,000,000th time this year alone...
So, anyway. Still very low carbing at the moment mainly because I'm not currently very interested in food or eating. Except far too many nuts, so that's not translating into shed loads of weight lost. I suppose that may be contributing to my loss of interest in getting moving... Or maybe I'm just a lazy cow.

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  1. Actually the specialist I see for my UC (that's what my mystery stomach issues have been all the long, hence why I can't eat fibre for the most part) recommended that book to me! I'm apparently the most infuriating person to work with because I won't give up on being vegan :P I can't bring myself to read it in case it changes my mind, even if there are health benefits. I know, I'm such a clever person, eh?

    I absolutely bloody hate running in the rain, so I don't think you're a lazy cow at all for not wanting to walk in it!