Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Hi there!

I was too busy to post yesterday - in the office, then housework after I got home as we had another viewing booked for this afternoon, and obviously we're both working today.
After all that the viewing was cancelled so I wasted good walking time last night. Wasted it. Goddamn time wasters...
To sum up though, food yesterday was very good apart from some unnecessary macadamia nut butter in the evening, lunchtime I walked - about 2.75 miles, since I was also shopping - but not after work because of the housework. My skirts seem to be fitting better & my stomach seems flatter, so that's all good.
Less good is that I decided this morning to try to introduce a little strength training, starting with push ups (I know, I know, I know that its not necessarily a good idea with all the back problems I've had lately, but I was feeling so frustrated with it not getting better...) Anyway, I used to be able to do sets of 20 and repeat several sets in a day. Today, although my back was fine, my arms hurt like hell from the first one and I just barely managed to tolerate it for 10... A very concrete and undeniable reminder of how much I've let slide. I'd like to say that I intend to build it back up, and right now I do, but I'm not making any grand declarations at the moment because I know how bad I am at keeping them....
At lunchtime I had to go to the post office and queue so I didn't have time for a proper walk (walk-wise this week sucks so far) but after doing my errands I went for an ambling exploration and found a new public footpath in more or less countryside, so tomorrow, weather permitting, I should have a choice of attractive destinations for a proper walk. And after work I did a 3 mile amble around some local fields in the sunshine.

 This (long) weekend I'm planning to visit my mum, so that will cheer me up a bit (though it will also stop me going for long Saturday walks, but its worth it!)

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