Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Still tweaking the plan...

New definition for my fasting - on fasting days I'll omit breakfast (or lunch) to reduce overall calories and increase non-eating window, but I won't skip both unless I'm not in work. That way I shouldn't have to worry about feeling dodgy and not being worth the money they pay me to work. If I don't feel hungry at lunchtime after missing breakfast I might extend the fasting window until dinner or mid afternoon, depending on how I feel at the time, but unless I'm very busy I rarely don't feel hungry at meal times so that's not likely. On the plus side though, if the fasting is shorter I feel more comfortable increasing the frequency and less worried about triggering over eating as a result... So I'll aim to miss breakfast 3 days a week and see how I get on. I always used to feel I had to eat 3 meals a day regardless to avoid hunger and then started skipping meals if I wasn't hungry without specifically deciding to fast, but I am definitely a creature of habit so I struggle with long expanses of day uninterrupted by any food at all. Does the above sound like rationalisation? Maybe it does... Is it? Maybe it is... Maybe I'm setting myself a minuscule target so I can meet it without too much effort...? I don't know the answer but I'd rather take baby steps to the end than fall on my face taking a big leap forward, and if that's wussy I don't care... much.

No breakfast for me tomorrow... And I mean it!

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