Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Relaxation and recuperation

This weekend was very relaxing and enjoyable, yet now feels slightly wasted. Saturday wasn't wasted at all - I visited my mum, which is never wasted time, we went to Frome in Somerset for the morning and in the afternoon braved the horrendous winds to walk into town in the sunshine, and I loved every minute I spent there. (and spent a fortune on food in the market at Frome - obviously!)
On Sunday I drove home and was feeling a bit tired so apart from a pathetic one mile round trip walk into town with a heavy rucksack (very heavy on the way back) I just watched TV and The Expendables 2 and caught up on spending time with M, telling myself I'd go for a long walk on Monday... Yeah, not so much. I was still very tired so I basically set up camp on the sofa again and the most energetic thing I did was chop a few veg and cook dinner. At the time it felt good, but by the time I arrived at work today I was cursing myself for wasting good walking in the sun time, especially as its due to rain for most of this week. Still, my body was demanding rest so I guess I should just accept that I gave it what it wanted...
I was thinking of bringing back my 25 mile challenge this week, but as I already lost a day and if it rains in lunch breaks I simply won't go out it seems pointless - I'll just have to do what I can this week. 5.35 miles today, in glorious sunshine...

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