Friday, 17 May 2013

On a roll…

Sleeping better and feeling better as a result - two decent nights in a row now!

Getting a better nights sleep last night didn't stop me forgetting that I planned to take my breakfast to work - it was all ready in the fridge, and it still is now! I had the weirdest breakfast in a recent run of somewhat weird meals lately - I'd taken a can of steam-cooked mackerel to work in case it appealed for lunch one day but had chickened out of eating it because I was worried about it smelling too fishy for the office - I was actually carrying it backwards and forwards every day hoping at some point I'd eat it outside! Anyway I let my concerns be overcome by hunger, and ate it in the kitchen, straight out of the tin for breakfast today, and followed it with a couple of mini Babybel cheeses. I quite enjoyed it as a definite one off but kept imagining (i hope it was just imagination) that I could smell fish all morning... It didn't satisfy me for very long unfortunately, despite being all fat & protein, so I ended up eating half my lunch by 11am. Lesson learned... Unless deliberately fasting, don't forget your breakfast, especially when you only took your lunch out of the freezer at 6am so you can't just eat that instead... (I'm using leftovers for my lunches at the moment and don't always even know what they are till they defrost since I never remember to label what goes in the freezer...)
This evening M asked if I fancied eating out and I resisted. I even got takeaway for him and stuck with my planned stewed lamb with asparagus... Go me!!!

Crappy crappy weather and very little walking – but I don’t care!!!


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