Friday, 31 May 2013

I've gone deaf...

Temporarily deaf that is, due to water in my left ear. So embarrassing, not being able to hear anyone talking at my left side...
I’ve spent the whole day inadvertently ignoring people who stood that side of me and tried to talk.

Today is a day when I wanted to stay in bed before I got up and wished I'd stayed in bed once I got up. I don't know why - I'm not particularly tired or depressed, I just feel like letting the world get on with things while I take a duvet day. Unfortunately I don't get paid to stay home so I got up and went to work anyway...

I did enjoy my breakfast today, I made Paleo Scotch eggs last night to use up some pork mince I had lying around (flavoured with fresh sage & rosemary) and they turned out rather well. Very filling too, I had half for breakfast and half as a snack mid-morning. Yum!


At lunch time I looked out the window and saw something strange and unfamiliar... A bright light coming from the sky... I seem to remember we used to call it... The Sun!!!
I felt it would be ungrateful to waste it after the last few awful days, so I went out for a walk - just over 2 miles, obviously not a stretch but I had a specific target in mind, exploring new territory. A few days ago I Googled farm shops in Berkshire and discovered one a mere 1.1 miles from my office. I scoped out the route by car earlier in the week - checking I could walk there without becoming road kill - and this was my opportunity to check it out properly. I could have spent a fortune there - especially if I'd wanted to quit the low carb thing as they had a wide selection of really interesting artisan chocolate - but I made a huge effort to keep it to veggies (ok, also coffee and local green bacon, but a girl has to have SOME fun) and otherwise just took notes for future visits. They had some very interesting meat, game and cheese there when I'm looking for that. And donkeys in the garden - what could be better???


As always when I finally persuade myself to be a little active I thoroughly enjoyed the walk (it was very still, quite warm, and I got a little sweaty so my colleagues may have wished I had less fun...) and I definitely enjoyed browsing the shop. I love this area.... though to be fair there were good farm shops and farmers markets in Wales too, just not so convenient that I could walk there and back, and browse, in 50 minutes, they were always a trek away.

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