Thursday, 23 May 2013

Food days are harder than you’d think

I have to admit that this morning I was somewhat tempted to rampage through the office eating everything that wasn't nailed down. Everything low carb that wasn't nailed down, that is - and obviously only the stuff that belonged to me. I kept it to a minimum though, no point fasting one day and then eating enough the next day to completely wipe out the calorie deficit - unless you're fasting for general health and not weight loss, which I definitely am not. Or bingeing insanely, which ditto.

I am pleased that my lack of interest in carby crap continues, though I kind of fancied something sweet at lunchtime and picked up a container of strawberries (which of course are low carb anyway) that was a very mild, easily ignored fancying, and I ended up putting the berries back before I paid. Annoyingly I bought some chicken drumsticks intending to add one to my lunch, only to realize quite soon after I started to eat one that they had clearly previously been frozen - and in fact it was only partially defrosted. I considered defrosting it the rest of the way in the microwave but ended up throwing the rest of that one away and saving the others for tomorrow’s lunch, since my original plan of freezing any leftover was also scuppered.

After dinner I had peanut butter as a snack. Not incredibly low carb, and as a legume, frowned upon by Primal / Paleo purists.

However it was unsweetened and had no added sugar so it wasn’t too messed about with, and it was less sweet than the cashew butter that I am now avoiding like the plague.

Tomorrow evening my brother is visiting for the long Bank Holiday weekend. Yay Bank Holidays! If only it wasn’t the last one till August – and the end of August at that. Sigh.

Still, watch this space for another trip to London on Saturday and some kind of excursion on Sunday – though I probably won’t check in to tell you about them till next week. Just imagine, I may manage a whole post without mentioning carb counts…. except probably I won’t  ;-)

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