Monday, 20 May 2013

Fasting low carb

This weekend I discovered a way I can be inspired to binge without strictly breaking the diet I'm on. I knew cheese was a risk, but compared to this new food, it barely registers on the diet breaking scale... Have you tried cashew nut butter? I don't know if all brands are the same but now sell big tubs of cashew nut butter and I can eat it by the spoonful... No, actually, I could eat it by the bucket load. Its fairly sweet, very rich and creamy (it only comes in smooth) and its so much nicer than any other nut/seed butter I ever tried... Its basically dangerous to a person inclined to over indulge such as myself, and I need to stay well away from now on. A little is NOT enough...
I'm actually feeling pretty ok today despite eating nut butter at 8pm yesterday.
I fasted today - no breakfast or lunch. If it hadn't been for the nut butter it would've been 24 hours,as it was I went 22 hours with no calories. I had a hungry hour from 9:30 to 11 (yes, I know that's more than an hour!!!) But otherwise the main problem was boredom - the morning stretches on and on when you can't break it up or enliven it with food!
At lunchtime I escaped from an office that never fails to fill with food smells and went for a 3 mile walk. I planned the walk to stay away from shops, restaurants and fast food sources and basically spent the whole hour walking around a little lake / nature reserve. Apart from dodging dive bombing insects it was very pleasant and included swans, geese and goslings, which are always nice. Then it was back to work and another hungry hour.... I'm planning to fast two days a week, hopefully it should get easier with practice, and I'm going to try to walk at lunch break on those days the weather permits just to break up the vast expanse of foodless day and get away from other people's lunches...

IMAG0618 IMAG0619

I've felt awash with water, black tea and black coffee today. You're supposed to get relief from hunger of you drink plenty (sometimes works...) as well as ensuring that you don't get dehydrated or mistake thirst for hunger. It also allows you to spend a lot of time in the bathroom....

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  1. Nut butters are the worst for me, full stop. If anything cashew is the least dangerous in my case as it's quite sickly, but give me sunflower butter and it's game over. I've gone through 300g of it in one day...hope that makes you feel a bit better ;)