Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Fast day fun…..

Well, my theory about large dinner = no interest in breakfast was rubbish... I think my body actually thought 'that was nice... And big... Let's do that again' as I was hungry before 6am today. Or maybe that was just tiredness being interpreted as hunger because I woke up around 1:30am and struggled to get back to sleep (as predicted, moaning about not sleeping...) Either way, I didn't get any free pass on breakfast and in fact the feelings of hunger were actually sharper than the previous fast day morning as well as earlier - but they wore off quite quickly as well, so I suppose that was something.
All I had before I left the house was a couple of glasses of water (cucumber-lemon water, so there were a very few calories probably) and then I dived into a pot of black coffee as soon as I reached work, and swam around in there for a while ;-)
Once again the 5 hour stretch of morning was the hardest... its amazing to me how much I rely on eating stuff to break up that period. I guess it'll take a while to retrain my brain - and body - not to do that. Which would be a good thing anyway, let's be honest, as grazing shouldn't be needed with this 'diet/lifestyle' anyway. I did get to 10:30 today before I really started to feel like something was missing from the day - not hunger in reality but definitely just lack of finding/getting/making food as a break. Drinking fizzy water helps with feeling empty but not with boredom, clearly.
And at lunchtime things got harder.... I had a mug of Bovril because my stomach was gurgling loud enough to be heard across the office. And that was making me feel much better.... Until the guy who has the desk directly behind me brought in fish % chips. FISH AND CHIPS!!!
I know that being gluten free and low carb makes everything you can buy in a chip shop out of bounds, but knowing that doesn't help when you can smell the food... let's just say the guy is fortunate that I have such amazing self control that I didn't trample him into the carpet and steal his lunch. I'm pretty sure, given the right provocation (as I was!) I could take him....
Do you know what stopped me breaking the fast (until I got home and exceeded my 500 cal allowance – but was still low cal for the day)?

1) Self control? Nope.
2) The lack of low carb food options? Nope.
3) The fact that punching the fish & chips guy would lose me my contract and possibly get me arrested? Nope.

Give in?

The fact that yesterday I blogged my intention of fasting today was the only reason I did. So thanks guys, if anyone read that post, you really helped me out there. Not that I entirely appreciated it at the time...

It will get easier with practice… especially if I find something other than food to think about all day.

Still, Week One of 5:2 fasting a la Michael Mosley (but low carb) survived!!!

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  1. Argh, I know what you mean about eating more and actually being hungrier the day after - so irritating.

    You have will of steel...or possibly iron; I'm not sure which one is technically stronger ;) Low carb and fasting is seriously hardcore - glad us readers could be of service in some small way!