Thursday, 30 May 2013

Down, down, down down down...

Ok I give in. I'm not good at fasting.... Even though I don't currently binge, I'm still a binger and may always be.... a bit like the way that alcoholics are still alcoholics even though they don't drink.
I tried to fast this morning and maybe its lack of sleep or having a headache or being depressed because of the appalling weather... but whatever the reason, by 8am I was actually thinking about the vending machine here in the office - with love & hope rather than my normal disinterest / loathing. Fortunately I had some nuts & Babybel cheeses in the office and a bag of pork scratching in the car, so I was able to break the fast with foods that don't break the low carb diet, and once I'd done so I lost interest in the chocolate instantly - no further will power required. So I'm not planning fasts any more (and I know I gave up easily - but remember I've tried this before with wildly varying results) but will instead focus on eating when hungry as its something I've never been good at.

Apologies for the way my plans have been bouncing around this week - I think I'll settle down now!!! Feel free to tut in disgust at my weak will and lack of spine - I don't mind! Well I might, but I'll pretend I don't...

It's been pouring with rain literally all day today, which combined with not much sleep has made me thoroughly fed up and miserable today. I want to run away to a Caribbean beach and live in a shack on the sand. Eating fish, fish and more fish…

Grim, grim, grim - and my mood isn't improved because we have no holidays booked, or plans for any, at the moment so I'm completely at the mercy of the British weather...
The forecast says it will improve from this evening to the weekend. It bloody better!!!

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  1. You're 'no good at fasting' because humans are meant to eat. Food is fuel for living.

  2. It's odd, but I can 'fast' at the weekend (and often do out of sheer forgetfulness), but during the week it's a huge no-no!

    As to the unremitting grey skies... You mentioned "I want to run away to a Caribbean beach and live in a shack on the sand. Eating fish, fish and more fish…"

    Throw in an unlimited supply of pork scratchings and I'll join you. I'm seriously peeved that I still travel to work in gloves and a scarf and I'm STILL bloody cold!

    Flamin' June had better be just that.