Thursday, 2 May 2013

Carb bore

Another beautiful morning today - cold as hell when I headed in to the office, but so bright and blue-skied it really perked up my mood (which was needed because I came in sans breakfast and coffee in an experiment into eating breakfast later, then had to hang around in the car park for 10 minutes waiting for someone to unlock the door...) I think I'll stick to at least having one cup of coffee in the morning in case of emergency....
I had another go at push ups this morning with the same result. I figure even if 10 is all I can manage now, doing that daily should build my arms up again fairly soon - fingers crossed. In the mean time I'm doing the odd half push up to build them as well.(well, the odd = 60-ish today) If I'm totally honest I've always been kind of proud of my undeserved ability to do push ups, so I'm really not impressed that its gone. I'm not exactly athletic, so I can't afford to lose what I have!
On the positive side the scales shifted slightly in the right direction today. I'm not yet ready to share the numbers yet, but it was a small downward shift after a very frustrating plateau situation the last few weeks. Now I just have to resist the urge to sabotage myself again (I've seen this number a couple of times since switching to low carb and so far I've immediately bounced back above it through over eating / constipation / retaining water due to too much salt, carbs, or not enough liquids... one thing after another. I am so ready to drop below that number now... And hopefully never see it again! 
Of course this doesn't necessarily help... we went out for dinner this evening! Lowish carb Mexican dinner - BBQ wings
King Prawn fajitas (minus the tortilla) 
But with the other accompaniments...
Utterly and completely delicious - and apart from the BBQ sauce on the wings (and the single San Miguel beer - chosen because its only 5g of carbs per bottle) it was low carb too! And because it was, I finished the meal without feeling yucky - a good reminder why I shouldn't cave to carbs! A reminder that was timely, as certain husband's in my life have been making it subtly clear that he thinks I'm becoming a bit of a carb bore / Nazi - but that's just tough luck! If he stops offering me dessert or sweet drinks, he'll stop hearing about carb counts.... 
Exercise today apart from the semi-push up = 2 miles walk at lunchtime, 1 mile to the restaurant and back this evening.

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  1. I think you're doing so well on your low carb diet. I should've been commenting more but I am rooting for you in silent support even when I'm not commenting! You have so much self-discipline, I wish you'd give yourself credit for it.

    I'd tell anyone who offered me treats off too - the people around you should be supportive! So you're more than entitled to be a 'carb bore' - I wanted to read that as 'Carbivore' but that's more a description of me ;)