Friday, 10 May 2013

Calming down...

Feeling pretty good today after venting my frustration yesterday. (thanks for letting me get it out!) Obviously I do realise intellectually that Jess' comment was right on the mark - I'm simply eating too much energy dense food (in fear of not getting enough energy without the carbs), and need to deal with that or accept this weight as my 'new norm' - can't see that happening! I'm still not happy about where I am, but I'm feeling re-motivated, once again, to tweak things so that can change.
Also I'm snacking too much still, my body may not need to without the blood sugar peaks and troughs of a carbier diet but the brain has been well and truly trained after all these years of 5 'meals' a day. Must un / re brainwash myself...
Anyway, no aches or pains after the Versaclimber session yesterday - even in the annoying lower back area. This morning I did 40 push ups before breakfast, and more later on - 60 in total, though I can't pretend they were all done with perfect form. Then another 40 minute session on the Versaclimber today while watching an episode of Criminal Minds... its not as emotionally satisfying as a walk in the sunshine, but then there wasn't a lot of sunshine... and if I'm going to get wet, I'd prefer sweat to rain showers any day... Plus being able to watch TV while working up that sweat takes away some of the pain!


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