Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…

How can the long weekend be over already? 3 days in the office seem infinitely longer than those did...
I had a great weekend, my brother arrived Friday evening and we had a good chat, then on Saturday we went to London. It was a fairly short notice decision so neither of us had anything we desperately wanted to do except S, who has recently started cooking a lot more due to starting a healthier lifestyle, wanted to go to Brick Lane so he could visit some Indian supermarkets and search for ingredients to make his curries more authentic. First though we got off the train at Paddington, walked (ambled really) through Hyde Park, wandered towards Piccadilly Circus, along to Covent Garden where we spent a while exploring the Jubilee Market before heading down Carnaby St and into Soho.

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We walked past a lot of adult shops till we found a tube station, then switched to public transport to reach Liverpool Street station, then walked to Brick Lane. We had lunch in an Indian restaurant there - Tandoori mixed grills, good but not spectacular.

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Then went in a couple of supermarkets before walking back to Old Spitalfields Market for a browse ( much better market than the Jubilee one) before we had to return to Paddington. We always go in at least one coffee shop as we walk around London and usually we rather wussily stick to the safe consistency of Starbucks / Costa but on Saturday we branched out and tried an independent place just off Carnaby St called the Speakeasy Espresso House. Best flat white I ever had, S agreed his latte was also fantastic, and they took your orders and delivered your coffee to the table - Starbucks don't do that! Later on as we waited for our train home we did go to Starbucks and it was disappointing by comparison.
On Sunday S and I stayed more local. In the morning we went to a garden centre where I bought some herbs in pots that I expect to kill and eat fairly quickly. After lunch we went to a local nature reserve and spent a few hours wandering through fields, woods, and around lakes, with a small recess in a pub that you have to go through a ford to get to it where I just had a diet coke.


It was lovely, and when we got home we watched Looper and it only took 3 of us working together to follow the plot... ;-). We enjoyed it anyway.
Monday I didn't go far as I had a couple of beautiful blisters to nurse, but I did pop into town to buy a disposable barbecue and I barbequed all the fish in my freezer plus some chicken and sausages, which turned out great!
And we had 3 days of virtually constant sunshine, unheard of on a bank holiday, which has now totally disappeared... I woke up to pouring rain, drove through rain and spray to work, and sat in an office all day looking out of the window at unspeakably horrid, grey, wet, dreary weather...
Confession time... I know I've boasted a lot about not wanting sweet stuff these days, well, at the weekend that changed, and I started firstly feeling a bit wistful because I don't eat that sort of thing any more, than feeling like a treat was overdue. I wouldn't say I went crazy - on Saturday I had a protein cookie and on Sunday a protein flapjack; both were artificially sweetened not sugary, and both contained grains. I'm happy to say I didn't really enjoy them and don't feel any desire for more now. I was a little uncomfortable after eating the cookie (it wasn't gluten free either) and that combined with disappointment over the flavour has refreshed my disinterest in the whole thing. I think they only appealed in the first place because of been fairly active for prolonged periods on both days and my body wanted a bit more fuel, but for now onwards if I feel that way I'll have to find that extra fuel elsewhere, that just wasn't worth it.
Today as you may remember was supposed to be a fast day; I did fast until lunch time before starting to feel unwell. At home I would have had a lie down and preserved the fast but when I'm being paid to work I don't want to be sub-par when there's no need, so I forged a path to the nearest shop through the relentless pouring rain and bought some cold meat & nuts to lunch on. I felt better within minutes, happily. Occasionally a fast just doesn't feel right and its easy enough to switch days, especially when you're only aiming for 2 days in seven anyway, but I will admit I was disappointed not to get one under my belt today.

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