Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Are you effing kidding me??

Well, having survived my first low carb fast day yesterday I felt pretty pleased with myself, not least because I didn't get hungry for breakfast today until around 7am (I get up at 5am, and woke up at 3:50 this morning) so it didn't drive me crazy either (so far anyway). My food plan for today gave me a low carb, high fat, moderately high protein plan that wasn't ridiculously high calorie - and I stuck to it all through the working day with no desire to binge or even overeat - and then at 1:30 this afternoon our estate agent called asking if we could let someone view at 7:30 this evening. Of course we said yes despite the short notice, came home and rushed around checking everything and touching up anything that wasn't spot on, then went put for a Mexican meal so that

a) no cooking smells in the house
b) no worrying about washing up, spills, or mess and
c) we'd be out of the way.

So we got back to the house after a delicious but unplanned and not really wanted meal out... and it looks like they didn't bother viewing. Our agency asks viewers to fill in a feedback form and all the others have done so, but there was no form this evening, no note or message to say they refused, and no sign that anyone else had entered the house. I am so unimpressed... I did pretty much stick to the low carb rules though; I had a starter of huge king prawns cooked with lots of butter (plus a small amount of salad) followed by a grilled sirloin steak with more salad, and no dessert. I had one (5g carbs) beer plus sparkling water with the meal, and I think the salad dressing was a little carby - it was creamy, wholegrain mustardy, but slightly sweet along with the kick from the mustard. So not as controlled as I could have been at home; but at least I didn't go off the plan in any significant way. 

Tomorrow is another fast day if I can manage it. The larger than usual dinner should help me miss breakfast fairly easily anyway. M is doing full on alternative day fasting and although I only plan to fast 2 days I decided to match those 2 up with 2 of his for catering convenience, so this week Monday & Wednesday, next week (if I stick with it, and I plan to) Tuesday & Thursday. I'll avoid weekends because on those days I have lots of time for exercise / training if I want to so I want to be sure I have the energy, plus its easier to give in to temptation during the hungrier times at home and then I'll have all the guilt and self-blame to contend with...
Anyway, that was my day. I didn't walk at lunchtime because the weather was unappealing (just grey and damp, but I didn't feel like it) and after work I was focused on the house (I did climb lots of stairs) then I walked approximately a mile round trip to the restaurant. Work was so dull my head may have exploded - I wouldn't have noticed - and the probably didn't happen viewing has left me seething with frustration. Guess you'll be putting up with me whinging about not sleeping again tomorrow...

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