Wednesday, 15 May 2013


More rain.
No walking.
Hardly slept. Felt like my body was trying to crawl out of my skin, and my brain was whizzing around insanely.
Déjà vu....
I am a zombie today, struggled to get through work and collapsed when I got home. How long does it take for sleep deprivation to cause insanity? About a day less than I've been unable to get a decent nights sleep I suspect.
Ok, enough moaning from me.
Eating fine. Mood better than the above might imply.
Longing for the next bank holiday.
Lunchtime I went to the nearest shop & ended up running most of the way back. I stopped because the bags I was carrying were annoying and I dropped my phone and settled for walking and getting wet the rest of the way. Almost interval training if you ignore the fact that there was basically one interval and none of it was very intense (I don't wear a sports bra to work so I couldn't even if I wanted to)
After work the sun was put but the clouds were heavy and dark so apart from a quick stroll into town I didn't do much, which was lucky because it poured down not long after I got back, but at least I got a little exposure. And some spots of rain.

BMI still 26. (I decided to add some accountability but this allows me to brush it off slightly as I don't really believe in the BMI.)

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