Friday, 26 April 2013

Yesterday was M's birthday so I did little walking - less than a mile and a half at lunchtime because I was shopping for his birthday dinner and nothing after work. I 'treated' myself to a glass of red wine with dinner (scottish fillet steak with salad & avocado for me, with potatoes parmentier for him) and then regretted it all evening and into this morning - one glass, just one, and if you could've felt the way my stomach was rolling and griping about it you'd have thought it was at least a bottle! This morning I took painkillers for a headache then hit the road for a long, double digit recovery walk into Henley and back (11 miles in total, so I beat my own challenge this week)
I stopped in Henley to buy macadamia nut butter at the health food store and had a ginormous latte at a coffee shop called Brazilian Bloc before picking up some odds & ends and heading back home. The weather wasn't great for a walk to begin with - it had rained over night and still very grey and drizzly - but about 4 miles in the clouds lightened and the sun almost tried to peek out. I don't mind as much if its grey for a long walk since I get quite warm anyway and I've already very lightly caught the sun this week (not a burn, just a healthy glow!) Plus I wasn't in work, and that's always good!
Then when I was about a mile from home I got a message from m proposing lunch out at a local restaurant known for being owned by the son of Michael Parkinson. This is actually unfair as its an excellent restaurant with a Michelin star - and we had a great meal. As you know I no longer photograph everything I eat, but look at this roasted halibut with Samphire, cockles & mussels and tell me you don't see why the exception... if you can!

After lunch I walked another mile ....Knackered!!! And a bit pissed.... I drank wine, which of course is not really low carb, so today became a cheat day... But I'm looking forward to getting back to normal tomorrow!


  1. I must say, I really enjoyed the reading, keep it up, if you need any help let me know ;)

  2. Samphire...? Cockles...? Oooh wow, Chrissie, you are a temptress. That looks gorgeous and a fantabulous low-carb treat. Hope it tasted as good as it looks.