Thursday, 4 April 2013

wuburfwefww wuyg ygw wyef

That's how my brain is working today.
I thought I slept reasonably well last night but I'm in a total brain fog today.
I hate to admit it, but for the first time in weeks I actually wanted something sweet this morning. And at lunchtime. And all afternoon... I assume because feeling so foggy makes me want an energy boost. It wasn't an overwhelming desire, just a mild wish, but its not welcome as I've enjoyed not being interested so much lately.

I'm so fed up of this bloody weather... I went out briefly at lunchtime and wished I hadn't with every. Single. Step.
The wind was bitter, the snow was flurrying and my face was freezing, while my hands felt like solid blocks of ice.
Crap. Bloody bloody hell. How is a person supposed to come off antidepressants when the weather is so damn depressing? Answer: she gets depressed. And half heartedly thinks about sweets. But doesn't buy or eat them. Just wishes she could. And possibly acts like a pouty child for the main part of the day.

I'm currently reading Wheat Belly by William Davis MD. The science regarding the hybridization and genetic modification of wheat from its ancient origins to today's horribleness (scientific term ;-) ) is fascinating even if it is preaching to the choir when I'm the reader. It's somewhat distracting me from the weather and general miserableness of today thankfully. Moan moan moan moan

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  1. Right with you here!

    I'm SO fed up with bloody snow, which it did to me too on yesterday's walk. The sun is shining a bit this morning but the clouds are waiting in the wings (they'll gather at 12.30 no doubt) and it's too darned cold.

    You've reminded me - I want to order Wheat Belly from Amazon. Ta Chrissie. Have a good w/end.