Monday, 29 April 2013

Catch Up

Well, I beat my 25 miles walking target for last week! At the weekend I walked 20 miles+, between a 12 mile walk on Friday and a 9 miler on Sunday, with a couple of much shorter strolls in there as well. However on Sunday I walked to a local town in somewhat of a gloom, and by the turnaround point (there's no train station there or I would've caught a train) I was so miserable at the thought of having to walk another 4 miles... I hurt my back again yesterday, and that probably had a lot to do with it. 

I don't plan to renew the challenge this week as although it did motivate me it also pressured me in a way that made the actual walking less fun, which in the long run won't keep me lacing up my walking boots! Although I did walk 2 miles at lunchtime - shorter than I was doing last week - because I had some shopping to do.I didn't walk after work as I've been dragging all day.

On the subject of walking I signed up for the Kidney Research UK London Bridges walk in July last week. If anyone's interested in doing the walk (7 miles alongside the Thames) you can register here, and maybe I'll see you there? I'll be walking with my father in law, and I'm trying to persuade my brother to come too.

Now I suppose I can't really get away with just talking about walking and nothing else on a diet and healthy living blog, so here goes... You already know on Friday I did go a little carbier than usual, drinking (rose) wine at lunch. I haven't confessed yet that after lunch, while a little drunk, I went shopping for some more wine (though I gave this lot to M and didn't drink any more of it myself) and also bought some dark chocolate covered honeycomb... And ate some of it. I also didn't mention eating a piece of flatbread at the restaurant on Friday and tasting a Bellini cocktail as well as having mouthfuls of a couple of pieces of the bread basket (literally one bite each from 2 pieces M had). This wasn't a terrible indulgence I guess for a cheat meal (crap, also had a couple of crackers with the cheeseboard I had instead of dessert). Anyway, whether it was carbs, or wine, or mixing wine and whiskey (not literally mixed - yuck!), or a bit of all the above, I felt like cr@p Friday evening, skipped dinner, stopped drinking, and then didn't drink or break the diet at all on Saturday. Sunday I had some whiskey (medicinal for my bad back & depression) but still stuck to the diet otherwise, and now feel much better. But the rest of the chocolate I bought is still in the house. I didn't eat it all on Friday or go back for anymore the rest of the weekend - but I think I might've if the being fed up on Sunday hadn't happened 4 miles away from the chocolate. So I think I'll be throwing the rest away later - better safe than sick, sorry, bloated and depressed...

After complaining last week that I missed the quick easiness of eating a sandwich for lunch I bought a new e-book - Mark Sissons' Primal Footprint Quick & Easy Meals - and found an answer in the form of slicing open a chicken breast and using it as the 'bread' in a primal sandwich. I tried it today and it worked well, but I wouldn't want to do it every day (if only because chicken costs a lot more than bread!) It's a lot more filling than bread too, of course...

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