Thursday, 18 April 2013


I've gone all weird
I'm doing an eating plan / lifestyle intended to lose weight.
I want to lose weight.

I'm not losing weight.
Normally by this point I'd be getting stressed, depressed and switching diets rather than waiting to fall off the plateau. I'd also be bingeing and hating myself.
Still not bingeing
Still not eating sweet stuff - or even savoury refined carby stuff
Still not wanting to.
So I guess I've found a plan I can stick to even through a plateau - which sounds like a good thing. But oh, the dilemma - because I really really REALLY want to lose weight. I guess I'll have to modify slightly. I'll have to start calorie counting (again!) as well as carb counting. Oh yeah, and upping the walking since I'm currently having some back pain / neck / shoulder pain that's keeping me off the mountain climber. Its kind of a shame as I was enjoying ignoring the calories, but I want to start enjoying watching the scales move (down) as well! I'll consider the last few weeks a transition period to get used to the new mindset... Now I'm used to eating more fat and getting used to less veg (apart from the constipation becoming a little more frequent) some of the tweaking I've been talking about is due. This time I mean it ;-)
I tried to walk at lunchtime, nearly got blown of my feet so I was back in the office in 20 minutes. Then I tried again after work, dressed more appropriately, and did a bit better - though at most it was a total of 3 miles all day. I have big plans for Saturday ;-)

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  1. We'll get there, Chrissie. Tweaks and adjustments will have both of us seeing the scales moving the way we want... hopefully soon.

    As to London - we went to this year's Asia House Fair (arts, crafts and design from across Asia - great) and had a good mooch round the Marylebone Road area, then on to Istanbul INN London (which was a tad disappointing) and explored Bloomsbury, then a general amble through Covent Garden and towards the National Gallery (needs MUCH more time!), across to the West End then back into Soho and on to King's Cross and the train home - lots of walking and very wet but a great day :-)