Tuesday, 23 April 2013

This morning I was feeling a little bit down, a little melancholy... No idea why, the sun was out, it was warm... I chalked it up to just being tired because my weekend was cut short and I was thisclose to staying at my desk through lunch, making excuses (I'm really hungry, tired, it'll still be nice enough to walk after work, blah blah) and then I remembered my silly little totally unenforced challenge to walk 25 miles this week - and I remembered Deniz' supportive comment on yesterday's post, and out I went! My plan was to just walk for 1.5 miles then turn back - that's about the most I can expect to fit into my lunchbreak without getting disgustingly sweaty and antisocial. It didn't sound too inspiring to go the same way as yesterday, so I headed off in exactly the opposite direction, and was I ever glad! I walked along the Kennet & Avon canal, wandered off and looped around, meandered and took pictures... It was a glorious day, I went 3.35 miles, got back ever so slightly later than I'd planned... But do you blame me???

Food wise I have mixed feelings. After posting yesterday I got hungry again and ate my own body weight in pistachio nuts - NOT a good idea. This morning I was about to scramble some eggs for breakfast when I realised I'd already cleaned the kitchen in case of viewings and had no room in the dishwasher - so I ended up schlepping my eggs to work and cooking them there! I was thinking briefly about stopping off on the way to the office for bacon and eggs cooked by someone else, but resisted as much to save money as to control what I ate. So I'm pleased with myself there!
When I got into my car to drive home from work it told me the outside temperature was 22 degrees! So what could I do but race home, throw on some shorts & a t-shirt and head out for another walk?
My cup (of Vit D) runneth over! And another 3.37 miles towards my target, leaving 15.3 to go...

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