Monday, 15 April 2013

The sun shone briefly today...

... and how lovely was that to see? It looked all spring-like at last. And then it didn't any more... Sigh. I was in work, and tried to persuade my boss he should let me go out for a walk while the lovely sunshine lasted... But he was apparently under the impression I was there to benefit the company rather than me, and politely suggested I got to work instead :-(
At the weekend I spent Saturday morning on housework, getting things ready for an estate agent visit. It must have been a good workout as my legs ache embarrassingly today (I went for a walk yesterday but only managed about 4 miles - maybe slightly less as I wasn't tracking it - so I don't think that was why.) I wanted to go further but my mood was still very up and down and at that point it was mainly down so I just wasn't enjoying it enough. I turned back and we watched the inspiring true-story 3D movie Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter instead ;-)
M proposed a meal out for sunday lunch to cheer me up but for once depression worked for me/ my diet - I didn't feel like putting in the effort to shower, change, and go back out, so I made myself a salad for lunch instead, and eventually felt fairly pleased with myself for doing 'the right thing'.

I've been thinking a fair bit about my current moodiness. Obviously I do believe some of it is down to facing life unmedicated for the first time in over a year, but I also think perhaps I've been TOO low carb - I'm basing what I'm doing on a diet that allows me up to 60 g of carbs a day, but mostly I've only been managing 30 - 40 g, so I'm going to see if aiming to hit that target will help (using veg plus some fruit and dairy products to get the carbs). I'm also resorting to some supplementation - Vit D, Vit B complex, and Rhodiola rosea (I think that's how its spelt). Hopefully between those measures I'll start to feel more on an even keel instead of an emotional roller coaster - and with luck, will also feel more motivation (and energy) for training....  Today's exercise was a walk of about 1.75 miles just - I was taking a signed contract in to the estate agent and by the time I'd sat around in the office for 10 minutes waiting for them to photocopy our passports to prove we neither money launderers nor terrorists I didn't have a lot of time - plus it had clouded right over & the wind was picking up. I settled for coming home to prep tonight's dinner, tomorrow's lunch, and tomorrow's dinner while watching tv. It's true what they say, watching tv gives you a fat ass...

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