Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Plodding on

Rain over night, sunshine in the morning again. It's been frustrating to see the sun through the windows at work and then watch it disappear behind clouds by lunchtime every day... Today there was some watery feeble sunshine left over, but no warmth and a chilly breeze spoiled it a bit. I went out but walked less than a mile at lunchtime, but went out right after work to bring it up to 3 miles. 

This morning I really really REALLY wanted something to eat between breakfast and lunch. The only options in the office are carb bombs in a vending machine or cakes brought in to celebrate a birthday, and I didn't bring any snacks of my own. I don't mind admitting I did not have a very good morning at all, but I held on and resisted like a madwoman (I'm not sure, but its possible I was talking to myself while my head spun round 360 degrees....) The weird thing about that is that my breakfast today was bigger than yesterday in an effort to get my carbs closer to the intended 20 g per meal, yet I didn't feel that way yesterday even while bored out of my skull and I did today. I had the exact same breakfast bake (slow cooked eggs, cheese, sausage, bacon, mushrooms & spinach) both days, but today added ff Greek yoghurt & strawberries. So where did the hunger come from???? My body is weird. Anyhow, I didn't eat the carb bombs but I did eat lunch at 11:15 and then snack on chicken satay and mixed nuts after popping to co op at (real) lunchtime...

It was so horrible to read about the explosions in Boston yesterday. I don't understand people who can do something like that... I guess that I don't need to understand them to hate them though. I have a colleague who's running in London on Sunday which is kind of worrying, and I've had an email from my MiL asking if I was planning to go to watch, she worries about me... I wasn't, mainly because I'm supposed to be working, but its almost enough to make me want to go to show the bastards they can't ruin everything with their evil murderous bastardness. But I am working so I can't, I just hope the security reviews manage to lock down any loopholes or weaknesses in the process. And that they catch the people responsible & throw away the keys. I don't believe in the death penalty, but if anything could convince me... Reading about it reminded me of news stories about the IRA when I was growing up, the world never seems to run out of killers. 
I guess like everyone else, all I can do is think of the victims and their families and pray for them..

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