Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Still walking...

My legs ached a little bit this morning. It felt both good - I did some work yesterday! and bad - all I did was walk yesterday, I used to be able to do that distance without any ill effect (unless I got blisters from wearing the wrong shoes), where has my fitness gone???? Luckily the aching wore off quickly and I went straight into denial about it ;-)

I'm also in denial about the fact that our weather forecast shows that spring will be over by Friday and not because summer is starting early... This morning there was a little sunshine first thing but by 9am it was grey and dull again, making me doubly glad I was out twice yesterday when just being outdoors was actively enjoyable.

At lunchtime I took a walk anyway; it wasn't as interesting yesterday as I did follow the efficient but boring 'head out for 1.5 miles then turn around' approach. This gave me time to eat my lunch as well - the downside to bringing thick homemade soups in to the office being that they aren't so easy to eat while actively working. That is one regret I have about jettisoning the humble sandwich from my diet... I could eat those while walking if I'd wanted to!
I've got to admit this morning I wanted to eat excessively out of boredom. And even considered satisfying that urge with high carb junk.... It wasn't an irresistible urge - I had no suitable snacks with me and didn't actually break out of the diet and in to the vending machine - but it was a struggle not to go looking for something. At one point I was wandering if anyone would notice should I sneak out and run into town to buy some cold meat or something. Leaving aside the fact that they probably would,and the fact that I don't want to treat food as a cure for boredom, I've been eating higher levels of protein than I really want to since beginning this approach to diet - just grabbing a chicken thigh or a package of cold meat being the easiest, lowest effort & inconvenience snack for grabbing on the go. I'd really appreciate it if anyone has any suggestions for low carb snacking; I've tried nuts but inevitably overdo them, ditto cheese, I don't really want fruit/veg without a protein / fat item to balance the carbs, and have eaten way too much highly salted pork scratching when craving the crunch, and now I'm out of ideas.... Oh yes, and it can't be antisocially smelly either... I feel like I'm looking for something that doesn't exist..... Today I resorted to a mug of Bovril... Not entirely satisfying if I'm honest....

After work I went out again, a shorter walk this time - 2.5 miles. To shake things up I wore my Vibram five finger shoes - and watched my steps more carefully than usual, because stubbing your toe in those things is NOT fun!

ETA omg I'm an idiot... Talking above about wanting to eat lots, talking about walking five and a half miles today (and over 6 yesterday and on Monday) - of course I'm hungrier after adding even fairly gentle exercise after months of just talking about exercising!!!  I guess if I'm keeping it up I'll have to add some calories to my meals to ensure I don't end up imploding - or more to the point, bingeing wildly...

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  1. Hi Chrissie

    Boredom can be a b**ch. The call of the vending machine is a challenge at times, but ours is full of the most God-awful sugary crap so it's not too hard to resist.

    Don't know if this'll help, but... I have a variety of low carb snacky things to go to:
    Almonds, hazel, brazil and walnuts (but I think I'm eating too many at the moment so these are perhaps not the best choice) or nut butters
    Toasted coconut chips
    Sunflower seeds (in the shell so you have to work to get at the little beggars!)
    I bring in the leftover (raw) stalks of broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage after we've used the rest in cooking. Celery sticks too and sometimes I make a Greek yoghurt and Marmite dip to go with these
    BabyBel cheese (full fat) - not my favourite cheese, but at least they are pre-portioned so it's harder to overeat than if I have to cut a piece of cheese from a larger block
    I love pork scratchings too but can overeat these if I'm not really strict with myself

    Keep on and at it - you'll get there :-)