Friday, 19 April 2013

Happier and tirederer

Yesterday I had decided to cut back on caffeine, and I started the day on decaff coffee.

 After 5 hours sleep.

By 7 I'd given in and gone for the real stuff. After lunch I nearly fell asleep during a 1 on 1 product demo at work and needed more coffee to make it through the afternoon.

Last night I slept about 4 hours.

I still want to cut back on caffeine - but not today... Definitely not today!

Sorry, nodded off on my keyboard there....

Actually this afternoon I felt fairly alert - I guess I drank even more coffee than I realised in the morning. I also remembered all my supplements this morning so that may have helped. Plus making much more effort to stay hydrated than I normally do, and getting outside for 20 minutes instead of staying put at my desk through lunch. I could feel extreme knackeredness hovering in the background waiting to descend on me like a ton of bricks, but it was politely staying out of the way for a change ;-)
I went out after work, walked a couple of miles just. It's hard to fit the walking in around work, I guess I need to win fabulous sums of money so I have time to walk 40 miles a day if I want to...
Step 1, buy a lottery ticket... I can't even remember to do that! I guess the short walks are here to stay - in the working week at least.

I'm feeling so much better today its not true. It's probably just delirium from sleep deprivation, but I'll take it anyway!

Had a really nice dinner today... I made Lyn's favourite meatloaf subbing a mixture of pork & venison mince for the beef mince she used. I had too much mixture for my loaf pan so I made a few meatballs with the excess - it was really good hot, but the meatball I popped in my mouth cold a minute ago? OMG to die for! If you eat meat and dairy, try it! Every other low carb meatloaf or meatball I've tried making has been dense as hell and just as dry, but not this one! Best news of the day - lots of leftovers! I'd add a picture but I'm on the iPad again and you know how we'll that always goes... Anyway. Make the meatloaf. And if you're low carbing, it goes great with a cheesy mash of cauliflower, black pepper Boursin, and Jarlsberg cheese!

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