Monday, 8 April 2013

Great weekend - and back to real life

I'll get the moaning out of the way ASAP and just say I didn't sleep AT ALL Friday night, or very much Saturday night, so I'm knackered and did NOT want to go to work today.

Apart from that I had a great weekend, it was lovely to see everyone, lovely to spend time in one of my favourite cities, the show was brilliant, funny and spectacular, and we ate some amazing food, especially dinner on Saturday. I was too busy enjoying myself to take any photos so I can't show it to you, but I can strongly recommend the Grand Imperial restaurant in Victoria to anyone who likes Chinese food and is visiting London. It's now in the Michelin Guide so I'm not the only one who thinks its great! I didn't stick totally to the low carb thing as I drank sake and had a mango pudding for dessert (not very sweet...) But I didn't do too badly either, having minced beef broth for my starter, followed by a whole sea bass steamed with ginger & spring onion, and poached vegetables with assorted egg (including century egg, which I'd never tried before), and totally avoiding rice, noodles & deep fried battered stuff and sharing my sake and vegetables with the table. I still ate too much, and more carbs than usual, and I drank too much booze and not enough water (though I had a big pot of jasmine tea with the meal, and some water, as well as the 300 ml bottle of sake)
Sunday we headed for home at 9. I then tried, all day, to find the energy for a walk in the sunshine... And failed. I guess after 2 consecutive nights with very little sleep I just couldn't push myself into anything I couldn't do while lying on the sofa...

Back to the real world today anyway. I had a really nice breakfast this morning, based on a recipe from crockpot365, involving 4 beaten eggs, a splash of single cream, a small leftover chicken sausage (cooked then sliced), some bacon, mushrooms, grated cheese and green pepper cooked over night in the slow cooker. The other half will be tomorrow's breakfast. Yum!!!

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