Saturday, 13 April 2013

Friday's post... late

I nearly didn't write a post today because I'm really down and don't like inflicting myself on people in this situation. On the other hand I'm feeling weirdly isolated & lonely, and while that usually leads me to wallow in it I would prefer to find a more proactive approach to handling things. I suspect my feelings now are just down to my brain getting used to making its own levels of serotonin instead of relying on the antidepressants, while under some additional stress as we get ready to put the house on the market (the estate agent is visiting tomorrow to take photos etc so we have to stage the house tonight & tomorrow morning).
In an attempt to feel positive I'll just report that I'm still not really tempted to buy any sweets or refined carbs - which is great, since as you know I'd normally expect to be binge eating my way out of the stress, even while taking the medication. I'm slowly starting to feel like I might be beginning to reprogram my instinctive responses *as far as food is concerned* - I'm not extrapolating that statement to other aspects of life or coping mechanisms! I've spent the last couple of days watching escapist TV in the evenings as a distraction; obviously its not a cure or even particularly productive in terms of solving the things we have to work on, but it feels better than the feelings of out-of-control despair that accompany binges anyway, and gets me out of the kitchen.
The weather's gone to crap again here - its fairly mild in terms of temperature but very wet and dreary. I suppose I should have expected that after I actually enjoyed walking 5 miles yesterday! Due to the rain I didn't walk at lunchtime, no matter how desperate I am I'm not desperate enough to get soggy while at work...

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