Monday, 22 April 2013

Did I blink and miss the weekend?

How can I be back at work already???
Yesterday I worked from just before 9am till about 3:15pm. I had to go into the office rather than working from home, too, so it feels like I didn't have a weekend, especially as I went straight into housework and cooking as soon as I got home. I slept like a log for most of the night, but morning still came too soon and before I knew what was happening I was walking back into the office this morning.
Saturday was good, though I didn't quite live up to my plans. I was thinking I'd try for a double digit walk, but M suggested lunch out at a steakhouse in Reading, and as we were potentially not going to see much of each other Sunday (last time the team worked on Sunday they were in the office for 12 hours!!!) I decided that was a better idea. And ate a massive steak, with salad instead of potatoes. But I cheated a little and had a glass of red wine with it, which I quite enjoyed.
 I took a walk after we got back from Reading, and combined with the little bit we did together going to Reading and walking around the vicinity of the Oracle I managed just over 7.5 miles in total - which I'm not unhappy with. Yesterday I did about 1.5 miles before dragging myself into work, just to wake myself up, but that was all I had time for. All the housework probably made up for it though, especially as I was up and down the stairs quite a bit.

At lunchtime today I managed to fit in 3 miles and eat within my lunch hour. (ok, not quite, it took an hour & 5 minutes) I didn't want to shop, so I could focus on briskly walking the whole time without having to search the shelves or queue up, and it was really good to stretch my legs properly. I wanted to make sure I got out then as I had some jobs to do after work - makes a change for me to find a way to fit it all in instead of shrugging and deciding to walk tomorrow!

I'm thinking of setting myself a minimum target of 25 miles walked a week. If we have another spell of appalling weather I doubt I'll achieve it, but having something to aim for might help if I'm just feeling lazy. So, 22 miles to go - to be finished on Sunday or sooner.

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  1. Not sure where our weekend went either. Hoovering the dust out of the home PC wasn't what I'd have chosen on a sunny afternoon, but... Oh well - gotta be done at some point.

    Your low-carb meatloaf (or Lyn's rather) sounds good. It's now on the cards to give it a try soon.

    Hey, you and me are both getting along with the walking, Chrissie. Maybe you should head east, and me west, and we'll meet in the middle {grin}.