Friday, 5 April 2013

Antisocial bitch alert

This weekend I'm going to London with M + 9 relatives from both our families.
We're going to see Wicked (M & I have seen it before and really liked it) then having dinner at a Chinese restaurant before spending a night at a London hotel.
I don't want to.
I'm sure I'll enjoy it when it happens, but at the moment I'm in monumental 'can't be bothered' mode'. Added to by the fact that it was arranged before I went low carb and now it will be harder to stick to that in a Chinese restaurant than, say, a steakhouse. (I'm actually the one who picked the restaurant and pushed it to everyone else!!!!) M thinks I should just take the day / weekend off but I don't want to - not because I'm being obssessional or miserable but because my small breaks last weekend had me up all night feeling like crap and I don't want to feel that way again. (Am I over thinking it? Am I cracking up? I'm I just completely barking mad??? If I knew how I'd put in a poll and let you decide..) Maybe the carbs weren't the problem last weekend, it was a hangover and avoiding that will be enough? Not that that is easy when surrounded by booze and people who are drinking... Ah well, it will be what it will be, and getting het up about it isn't going to help... And breathe...
In the meantime, I had a relaxing evening and early night yesterday so I'm not feeling as foggy today thankfully, and no longer want to eat sugar - phew!
Also its not snowing and we've had a little sun though it didn't last until lunchtime for me to get a sunny stroll. I nipped to the nearest shop and nearly froze again. I can't believe how this late cold snap has managed to almost completely erode my pleasure in walking at the moment, its not like me to feel this way at all. I must admit that I used to LOVE walking in cold dry weather - though mainly I guess because my thick layer of self-insulating fat meant I was better protected!
My mother and father in law are arriving this evening to spend the night & then head into London with us tomorrow morning, so there won't be a lot of time for walking this weekend. If I can manage it I might try to get up early and sneak out for a while before everyone else gets up, I'll see how it goes.
And I'll be back next week, no doubt still moaning, whinging and complaining...

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