Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Wot I did at the weekend…

Trying not to be the person obsessing over diet to the exclusion of all other subjects of conversation / blogging anymore so lets talk about the weekend - even though its almost a distant memory!
I went parent visiting this weekend, spending the day on Saturday with my mum to prematurely celebrate Mothers Day then spending the evening, night and part of Sunday morning at my dad's house.
On Saturday I drove through drizzle all the way and was starting to think we'd be stuck indoors all day again instead of going out in Salisbury as we had tentatively planned. Luckily soon after I got there the drizzle stopped and we decided to risk it. Its about an hour's drive over Salisbury Plain. I can't even imagine what it would be like to live up there - its so empty and bleak looking, kind of like living on the moon with grass. Every time we passed a 'Tank crossing' sign I had a look, and was really disappointed not to see a single one - or any other military vehicles. They obviously have things other than my entertainment in mind when planning training exercises, and can I just say, why do I pay taxes if I don't get to see a single tank - or young man in uniform???
It was market day in Salisbury and its a very good market - I spent a fortune on meat, game, cheeses & eggs. Then we had lunch at Wetherspoons and I forwent my usual habit of reading the nutritional info to pick the lowest calorie meal, instead having a mixed grill (1003 calories!) With salad instead of chips. It was a real treat, as I haven't done something like that for about a decade.
We then chatted all afternoon and I helped mum buy a new laptop before heading to my dad's for a nice dinner that was planned for the new diet and rather a lot of whisky... Spirits are carb free so I was taste testing his stash ;-)
Then Sunday it was home for a relaxed day with M involving mostly TV watching and sofa lying - just what I needed!

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