Thursday, 28 March 2013

Using stuff up

So, you know how I said I needed to use up food, yeah? Yesterday we did our bit towards that by going out for dinner and completely ignoring the Chrissie food mountain... However, Mexican food was calling and it was calling louder than the groans of pain from the fridge and freezer, so there it was. I stuck to my low carb lifestyle by eating prawns followed by steak and salad (no dessert of any kind) and while I can't know the carbs in marinades and salad dressings nothing tasted sweet so I'm hopeful I did ok. Especially as M had cheesecake for dessert right in front of me... And I didn't even envy him!

I'm coming down with a(nother) cold at the moment, due to the germ-infested plague pit I work in. I've been sneezing and sniffling for 2 days now and I must admit I've let it put me off training for a couple of days. I do plan to walk a fair bit this long Easter weekend though, as I can do that while bunged up and sniffly. I'm also going to try to experiment with ways to turn the lumps of raw frozen meat in the freezer in edible frozen meals that hopefully don't need even more space so that they're easier to use in the evenings - one reason - ok, excuse - for not training enough after work is lack of time, and after two successive weekends spent actually having a life I've got very little in the way of homemade almost ready meals left in there. Plus I'm going to test some slow cooker recipes to add more variety without adding more effort and time. Today I slow cooked some pork chops in foil packets all day. They were simply seasoned with a seasoning salt and wrapped up with some olive oil & butter. I was hoping they might stay intact but juicy and flavourful, whilst being prepared for the possibility they might fall apart a la pulled pork. Which they did. Fall apart, I mean. Still delicious though, on a (small) bed of cabbage
I'm heavily using my beloved crockpot365 website for recipes and less specific inspiration as well as for the lower carb side of the equation (today's lunch was Lyn's sausage & kale soup made with cauliflower instead of potato - and very tasty too, plus it used up the Italian sausages I bought when in London making macarons as well as half a large bag of kale taking up valuable fridge real estate...)


I have to confess over-eating a bit today... Not outside the diet as I smacked on meat and cheese, but I can't say I was really hungry so much as bored. But still not bored enough for sugar (and I was given an Easter egg yesterday so I had the means...)

Post dinner walk today, yay!


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