Tuesday, 12 March 2013

That diet stuff...

Having said that I'm not going to be obsessed with the diet stuff all the time, that IS why I'm here fundamentally, so here goes for that side - just a few brief(ish) words on it for now.
Every day for 10 days now my breakfast has been based around eggs, usually scrambled (I love soft poached eggs but without toast I feel like I'm losing all the nice runny yolk) and often with ham or streaky bacon.
Lunch is usually a salad with a portion of meat, often quite fatty in itself and dressed with an olive oil vinaigrette.
Dinner is a lot like lunch most of the time, though I'll need some variation to stop myself passing out with boredom. Yesterday it was Bolognese sauce on a bed of cabbage instead of pasta; tonight a duck breast cooked with balsamic vinegar and asparagus. As much as possible I'm avoiding snacking and when I do snack its usually on cheese - individual snack cheeses for easy portion control - and mugs of chicken or beef bouillon.
As this isn't the most visually exciting diet (as compared to what? My former daily photos of bowls of All Bran???) I'm not planning to go back to photographing every meal the way I used to, but if I particularly enjoy a meal - or get sick of the sight of page after page with nothing but text - I'll make an exception here and there.
And here’s one right away – because this was absolutely delicious! I bought two duck breasts at the market on Saturday, and used this recipe to cook them for dinner. Perfectly cooked duck, and a great recipe!
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Deniz, thanks for your comment on my post from yesterday. I bought the John Briffa book on my kindle as soon as I read it, and I'm already enjoying reading it. Whereabouts in Superdrug would I find the ketostix? Thanks again!
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  1. Hi Chrissie
    Superdrug keep Ketostix at their pharmacy counter. I always mention my husband's diabetes when I ask for them but, er...'forget' to mention that he isn't Type 1 (mea culpa). You can buy online through amazon too.