Monday, 25 March 2013

So tired...

My legs ache and I love it
While my brother was here we walked all over London in the unrelenting snow & arctic winds of Saturday...( I will add the odd photo but I'm once again making the mistake of blogging by iPad, if anyone knows how to persuade it to add photos that are on the iPad itself I would really appreciate some advice!)

...then walked all over Reading (admittedly not as energetic) in the freezing winds of Sunday. I stuck to the low carb diet the entire weekend despite some offered temptations (which once again I found easy to resist) through 2 meals out and one takeaway.

I also wasn't interested in the Krispy kremes that were brought into the office today... I would really like to believe that this will keep up, but I'm not relying on it, or testing the theory...

The only thing I wasn't good about was drinking enough fluids - I fell into the usual trap of not wanting to have to use public bathrooms around town so not wanting to drink very much, and basically waited to have a drink until I was actively thirsty. 
I'm now making up for that big time and am chasing backwards and forwards to the kitchen & the bathroom... And as I also barely slept all weekend, I'm far too tired for work, it really got in the way of much needed napping today.... Towards the end of the day I genuinely felt unwell through sleep deprivation. A very very early night is called for I feel...

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