Wednesday, 27 March 2013


My brain was swimming in an ocean of coffee. I could feel it spinning and bouncing off the inside of my skull...
I hate insomnia. Also migraines, which come with the insomnia. And throwing up,though it helps sort out the migraine, because throwing up is always gross and often painful (if its bashing your brain into your skull and exploding your eyeballs). Now you know why I didn't post yesterday.
Ah well, I don't have the energy for more complaining right now... Oh yes I do, who am I kidding? So freaking cold here and its really getting me down. I know I should be glad I have electricity and my house isnt cut off from civilisation by 15 ft snow drifts, and really I am... But that doesn't mean I'm happy with sub zero temperatures just because it could be worse...
I've started weaning myself off my antidepressants, so it is possible that you might see a difference in my posting as a result. Though I admit I can whinge and whine for Britain even when I'm fully medicated so perhaps its just BAU... The abovementioned migraine - and the several others I've had over the past year - have led to this decision as this is a side effect they are known for (so is weight gain / difficulty losing - and I can't deny that figures too)

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