Saturday, 23 March 2013

Friday’s delayed post (written yesterday morning, finished today)

Yesterday was a genuinely good day in terms of having energy, doing things that are good for me, and feeling good about doing something positive. I think the good nights sleep I has Wednesday was the reason. Unfortunately I didn't sleep as well last night, and today my shoulders ache from the push ups - but I don't mind much, its a slight ache and a reminder of how good I felt yesterday morning (of course not so long ago push ups were a lot less effort, but lets ignore that fact shall we?)
My brother is arriving today and we have a table booked at the Hinds Head in Bray for dinner this evening. I've already been looking at the menu in an attempt to pick a good balance of delicious but not too carby food. I usually have pea and ham soup when we go there - best in the world - but its too high in carbs so I'm going to try something else today.


My poor brother was trapped in Friday afternoon traffic chaos for an extra hour on the journey – he arrived half an hour before we were due to leave for the Hind’s Head, when we were starting to wonder if we’d have to cancel the booking. Were we ever glad not to! I persuaded him to try the pea and ham soup – he’s still talking about it! I had a starter of soused mackerel with pickled lemon and horseradish cream (The fish is under the greenery, honest!)


Followed by a veal chop on a bed of creamed cabbage, to which I added a side salad of spinach and pine nuts with ‘Lord of the Hundreds’ Cheese – it was amazing.  (apologies for the rubbish phone camera photos)


More cheese for dessert (minus the oat cakes, bread and chutney that came with it) and I was stuffed without minding the absence of their excellent sour dough bread and world famous triple cooked chips. I tried to stick to a spirits based drink, but chose a Manhattan, which I’m sure was sweetened with something carby, but the rest of it I felt really good about.

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