Monday, 18 March 2013

Eating out low carb

Saturday evening we went out for dinner - to a local Thai restaurant. As soon as I decided to go low carb one of the first things I did was figure put what I could eat at my favourite restaurants (I know you're probably thinking that eating out shouldn't be that much of a priority while trying to lose weight and of course you're right, but it helped me feel comfortable with my ability to sustain this) and I actually stuck with my plan! I had steamed mussels with lemongrass & chilli, followed by Whipping Tiger - chargrilled sirloin steak - and stir fried mushrooms with cashew nuts, and finished off with strawberries & cream. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and didn't feel bloated and stuffed afterwards due to avoiding prawn crackers, rice & noodles. Yum!
Apart from that though I must admit that my lunches are now officially boring as hell - salads with cold meats only go so far. So I want to start making soups that I can reheat at work, and that will help me mix it up a bit. At lunchtime today I found myself looking for something else to eat after finishing, even though I wasn't still hungry - though I was pleased to find that I still wasn't tempted to eat anything sweet. I was slow cooking some frozen chicken drumsticks while at work with the intention of eating them with my salads the next few days, but decided instead to turn some of them into my first low carb soup.


  1. great job!

  2. Hi Chrissie.
    Well done on those stellar low-carb choices for eating out. That's always a real challenge for us too.

    Why is it that so many places get sniffy when you say you'd like 'X' but without the fries/rice/bread etc.? After all, I don't ask them to reduce the price! Grrr - a real bugbear of mine. Sorry about the rant.

    For lunches, maybe ring the changes with tinned fish (mackerel, tuna, salmon) to go with the salad, or hard boiled eggs or cheese (Boursin = bliss!) and whip up a batch of herby home=made cream-based dressing? I'm still getting up the courage to try making my own mayonnaise.... Thin sliced ham rolled up with cream cheese is good too, and avocado with chopped walnuts and olive oil & lemon. Oh boy - I'm now drooling.

    Have fun with it and pass on any other tips you find - I love learning about new things to try :-)