Thursday, 14 March 2013

Day 12 without sugar

There were two office birthdays yesterday so of course one of the desks was covered with doughnuts, cookies and the other popular carby treats. On the fasting diet I would either have tried to ignore them (on a fast day) or possibly caved (on a food day) - either way I would at least have considered having something. And one something would probably have led to more than one, as it did for some of my colleagues.
Yesterday? Genuinely didn't even want one.
I could get to like feeling that way.... I strongly feel its unlikely to always be that easy (for a start I was helped by the fact that they were all shop bought gluten-y things rather than homemade)
I'm feeling remarkably close to cheerful at the moment. Barry Groves thinks excessive carbs are implicated in depression, I don't know if that's the case or not but its been 13 days now and I haven't wanted to kill myself once :-). That's not the only change I made then though; the same weekend that I started this experiment I also bought some pretty new underwear (no spanx in sight) and 2 new work skirts that fit me instead of constantly wearing / washing / wearing the same pair of trousers to work every day (they fit but the cut makes my hips look approximately the size of Texas) so I'm feeling happier at what I see in the mirror and more inclined to keep looking after myself as a result. Also I haven't had any booze since Monday, not that I'm a lush normally but it is a depressant after all....
I am sick of eggs for breakfast so this morning I had a change - 2 Portobello mushrooms topped with goat's cheese, streaky bacon & pine nuts, grilled. I did follow them with the standard strawberries & cream but it was a tasty change, especially as the goat's cheese was a good one bought at Salisbury market on Saturday. It was so ripe it was hard to slice - but would have been easy to spread if I hadn't given up bread. It was very tasty - but nowhere near as filling as the eggs, so I doubt I'll do that again (mushroom & goat's cheese omelet, though - that might be a different story...). I found myself snacking on almonds & cheese by 10 am, which I hadn't previously needed to do. And even then I was impatient for lunch... Ah well, it was worth trying. Back to eggs tomorrow!
After work I took a short walk across the fields... and brought most of them home with me!

Such a lovely evening...
Thanks for the info Deniz, ordered some ketostix on Amazon as I'm too wimpy to ask for them in person ;-)

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  1. Great job! I've been doing something similar and just hit the 2 week mark. :) So excited!!!

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