Saturday, 30 March 2013

Busy Easter

So, we're looking for a new house again. Hoping to part exchange for a new build detached house. We found one today we like, so now we're waiting to figure out the deal and see if we can go ahead.
M has promised to do most of the work this time since I got near terminally stressed last time. Fingers crossed for us please...?

In the mean time I did have a carborific half pint of cider at lunchtime today. It was medium dry but tasted pretty sweet to me, I didn't enjoy it amazingly much and wasn't tempted to get any more, I also now have a headache and don't know if its over the top to blame the cider or whether its just because I'm still catching up on sleep (nearly 10 hrs last night - WOO HOO!!!!) We also ate lunch out - mushrooms & spinach with cream as a starter (it came on toast I didn't eat) and a rump steak with salad for the main course. The food I did enjoy!

I've removed an defrosted loads of the meat that was stacked up in my freezer but that's as far as I've got so far. There are chicken livers I planned to pate, pork's liver I planned to eat with balsamic vinegar and caramelised onions, a turkey leg I'm making into soup, an oxtail I slow cooked over night that is now chilling in the stock in the fridge to separate off the fat.... too much offal possibly, I may have gotten carried away... Anyhow I'm now rethinking the pate and considering making a soup with it intead.

Decisions, decisions... and the weekend's only half over!

BTW I keep thinking its Sunday today and its driving me nuts...

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