Monday, 25 March 2013

Attitude readjustment needed

I have a shopping problem.

No, I don't own enough pairs of shoes to rival Imelda Marcos (I hate shoe shopping!)

My wardrobes are crammed with clothes, but many of them are over 5 years old and none are still wearings tags. Though many are wearing labels with littler numbers on them than more recent purchases.

But. My freezer. And my fridge. They are physically unable to bulge (ooh, ooh, quick - someone invent an expandable freezer for me, go on, I'd rather have that than a time machine, and I'd LOVE a time machine!)

I cook and food shop fairly on impulse. I usually have a shopping list, I'm not just walking around with a basket picking up everything with a pretty label, but I'll bulk buy special offers without thinking about where I'll store them, I'll buy massive quantities of something to cook one meal just for me, I'll buy things and forget I did so, then buy another tub of cumin seeds / bottle of groundnut oil / bag of frozen green beans.... Etc etc.

When I decided to go low carb I was confident that I'd quickly get bored of meat + 2 veg (no potatoes) meals, so I decided to stave it off as long as possible by buying as much variety as possible (eg the notorious beef heart experiment). At the same time as I was cutting back on vegetable eating I was also continuing to buy loads of fresh veg. Now I have to prioritise on store cupboard cooking and supermarket avoidance until I make some room in my major kitchen appliances (hopefully at the same time as making room in my clothes). In London & Reading at the weekend I forgot this fact and bought more stuff. Having crammed some of it forcefully in the freezer, my need is now urgent....

I've had to resort to trying to plan meals based on how many things from my freezer I can cram into one pan / onto one plate. If my meal combos start to look strange, now you know why...


  1. Soup is a great user up of stuff, you can throw all sorts into a pot and get a reasonable meal from it. I am fortunate I have dogs, hens and compost heap so I can loose lots of stuff that way and not feel too guilty.

  2. Nothing wrong with 'strange' combinations. :-)
    My lovely hubby often remarks that there won't be anyone eating 'this' anywhere tonight (whatever 'this' happens to be).
    For example, last night we ate a small plate of Brussels sprouts and cabbage finished with cream, with an egg fried in butter, stone-in Palestinian olives and some bacon.
    Odd, but low-carb and delicious - it would have done us equally well as a lunch or a substantial breakfast.

  3. Always glad to find another low carb (or better yet, 'primal') blogger! Good luck clearing that food inventory down! LOL (my weakness is purses and purse accessories...) ;)