Thursday, 7 February 2013

Today I eat...

...and I'm faced with an unexpected dilemma. You see, it's like this... I was reading a synopsis of Michael Mosley's The Fast Diet in which he reckons most people level out at about 110% of their normal calorie intake on food days... So I calculated what that would be for me, and bearing in mind my desire for a healthier diet not just weight loss at any cost, which is leading me to try to avoid all my binge trigger foods - chocolate, fried potato of all types, dried fruits - and as much as possible processed foods, gluten, sugar, and grains, I'm actually struggling to plan enough food for today! On the one hand my natural tendency is to see that as a good thing and decide to just eat less, but on the other hand I don't want to trigger a future rampage, so what to do, what to do???

I started the day with a gluten free paleo recipe for 'porridge' consisting of soaked nuts blended with almond milk & banana - surprisingly tasty and filling, but it left me not really wanting to eat more nuts today. I mixed it with blueberries and cottage cheese and felt really healthy eating it! It's too calorific for fast day breakfasts but will be recurring on food days for certain. High in fibre too, which matters to me as I'm planning to cut out the all bran once my current box is used up (I could just throw it away but that's against my religion...)

My morning snack was a yoghurt (which did contain sweeteners) and later I had celery stalks stuffed with tuna & sweetcorn mayo - quite tasty but possibly too smelly and / or noisy to eat in the office often - back to the drawing board :-( I'm tempted to reintroduce the raw soups from my effort at detoxing - tasty, a good veggie and fibre boost, plus healthy fats in the form of avocado or coconut oil... Hmm, that's not a bad idea... Also, I guess, raw vegetables with healthy dips might be nice. One thing I will definitely give this new diet I'm experimenting with - its not just inspiring me to blog more, its also getting back my interest in playing with my food more, something that's been lacking for a while now...

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  1. Thanks for responding in your last post, with your reasons for fasting...
    But I have to disagree. You can't compare yourself to wildlife! You are an evolved human being with completely different needs.
    Going to work , functioning , and keeping healthy requires good food, and good amount of foods too.