Tuesday, 5 February 2013


My plan to fast yesterday didn't work out very well. One thing and another led to me getting very little sleep all weekend, and by lunchtime on Monday I was feeling quite dodgy, so I called it a day, ate like a pig, and had an early night. Today was not a fast day, but I had the energy to train after work and did a good sweaty 40 minutes on the climber before dinner. Tomorrow I'll be trying the fasting thing again, but this time I plan to split my 500 calories between breakfast and dinner - watch this space!
I've now trained 3 days out of 4, which feels good except that right now my back is hurting in not one but two different places. Woe is me.... I'm old and pathetic! A colleague at work did a 50 mile ultra marathon on Saturday - eight hours of running through floods, muddy fields, and on hills... And today he was back out on the road running again! And I'm suffering after 40 minutes in the gym...


  1. Personally, I think fasting is a good thing, but the discipline to do it requires crazy focus. Each time that I've fasted - I felt like something was getting in my way or causing me to think about not finishing. Keep at it! Comparing the two workouts, or maybe the people doing the workouts, can't happen. What may be someone else's marathon running effort may be comparable to my half marathon running effort. It just might be that at this point, your body might be working at same effort level as your colleague's -- just different levels of difficulty.

  2. Ill be surprised if any plans to fast will work out well...because humans are meant to eat.