Friday, 8 February 2013

Fasting Friday

Well, food day yesterday went well - I didn't binge or overeat once let off the leash, so that was good. I didn't manage to eat as many calories as I'd intended but really didn't want more food, so that was good too. Less good was an uncomfortable neck/shoulder pain that was niggling at me every time I tried to turn my head - I decided not to train as a result and settled for walking a mile (into town and back) after work. My neck feels better but still a bit stiff today but I have a new pain between my shoulder blades today... Aarrgh.
I'm having a real TFIF day today - I'm not sure why but I'm just so ready for the weekend. A bit depressed, a bit irritable, and a lot fed up. Probably the back pain - it feels like its stopping me from being as active as I'd like (and I don't feel like it that often so its annoying not to be able to act on the urge) as well as interfering with my sleep so that I'm tired. Today has been the kind of day when I wish it was possible to stay at home and stay in bed - but I can't. Why do I never feel this way on the weekend when I could in fact wallow in it? Duh... Because it is the weekend and its only the working week that sucks... At 7:30 am I was already counting the minutes till I could go home...
This weekend I'm hoping for at least one long walk if the weather is ok, failing that I guess I'll have to settle for the gym. I really hope it is ok as I think that fresh air makes all exercise better personally... It makes me calmer and less irritable. Not to mention that I can do that with the odd ache and pain whereas more intense training is questionable...
My fasting today was the split format again. All bran with fruit for breakfast, lean turkey and veg for dinner. I was very tempted to break it around lunchtime when my mood reached a new height (or do I mean depth?) of homicidal fury but I restrained myself to an 18 calorie cup of instant miso soup and felt surprisingly satisfied afterwards. Though not less grumpy.

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