Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Fast day again

Thanks for your comment yesterday Seth, I have a tendency to focus on other people's achievements to my own detriment but thanks to you I'm now remembering that my colleague is 13 yrs younger than me, and while I'm now just trying to get back into training he's been running very consistently for years - so there'd be something weird going on if I was as good as him!
Anonymous (do you have a name or pen name I can call you by - I feel rude not addressing you properly?) I used to feel that way about fasting myself, my husband has been doing it or thinking about doing it for much longer than I've been interested but I have to say that I'm not so sure anymore. Any wildlife show demonstrates that even highly evolved specialist hunters strike out more often than not, so I don't really believe that any species actually evolved to eat 3 meals a day (plus snacks!) before agriculture could be developed... The main appeal to me is that apart from the really hungry times (mainly at breakfast time and lunchtime) which pass fairly quickly, I feel a lot healthier on fast days, no bloating, more energetic on less sleep (though there is obviously a limit to that effect), a bit sharper mentally. So, I will be carrying on with the experiment at least for now, and I promise I'll let you say I told you so if it all falls to pieces!
Anyway, on to today... I was planning a pre-work walk but cancelled it in favour of half an hour longer in bed and a long hot shower to ease my back - I couldn't get comfortable last night and it kept me awake.
As planned, I had half of today's calories for breakfast in the form of all bran with blueberries, peach slices and almond milk washed down with an Actimel 0% shot. I had planned to try to get a higher protein breakfast but in the end the fibre won. The plan now is to wait 12 hrs to have dinner, a stir fry of chicken, veg & shirataki noodles. If I find I'm too hungry at night on that size dinner i'll have to revert to using all the calories in the evening, but I hope that won't be necessary as I like having the fibre. I suppose I could have a 2 course dinner, all bran followed by omelette...
My boss brought in cakes and cookies today for his birthday. There are lots of birthdays here it seems, and they also put leftovers out whenever a lunchtime meeting is catered. It doesn't make dieting (of any format) any easier... Especially as I have to walk past the place they always put it out on my way to the kitchenette for tea or coffee (black of course) and to the bathroom. My boss included fruits for the health conscious, but on a fast day that's still verboten... I did ok today despite the uncalled for temptations lying around, didn't give way and pig out, so yay me! Though I must admit, in the interests of full disclosure and accountability, that I did consider taking a birthday cookie and locking it up until tomorrow... But didn't! 
Final confession: I ate a bit of peanut butter for supper.

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