Tuesday, 19 February 2013


To be honest I have been for maybe a week, I don't know why. Could be the weather, the lack of movement on the weightloss / fitness front, the tail end of the bug I had last week, or just my body getting less responsive to the antidepressants I'm taking. Whatever the reason its making it even harder to be motivated to give a crap about losing weight and harder to resist the quick mood fix of a nice sugary treat or a strong cocktail... I hate feeling this way, especially when I can't pin down the reason. I know I have no real problems in life, in fact I'm very lucky compared to a lot of the world's population, and that just makes me feel ungrateful and shallow for not being happier. Sigh. So apologies for being a miserable birch today, I was tempted not to bother posting but I want to stay in the habit as it does overall help me to feel connected and accountable so here I am, spreading gloom and despondency... If anybody manages to read through this drivel that is, if not I guess I'm not spreading anything at all and my blogging life has no meaning... Moan moan whinge whine

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  1. Please receive one well meant kick in the posterior - what about giving yourself some time off - do daft things soak in the bath till you are wrinkled take a camera for a walk and take silly snaps, listen to loud music, eat well and enjoy each mouthful without any regrets. Then start your regimen when you feel more up beat so you dont set yourself up for failure......