Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Coming down with a cold

I'm feeling congested and dopey today. M is also getting a cold, I guess at least we'll both suffer together (how romantic) and then the germs will die out of the house rather than one of us passing them on to the other.
It's a fast day today and I'm quite happy about that because yesterday turned into a binge - which only confirms my belief that I need to cut the junk out altogether - not to say nothing sweet will ever pass my lips again, but keeping it to good quality, gluten free home-baked (or good restaurant baked) treats after I lose the weight won't hurt, and might help me avoid ending up here again...
It was bitterly cold today so I was too chicken to go for a walk at lunchtime. I didn't feel like training either due to a congested, stuffy head - so another wasted day as far as training goes. I'm STILL having some pain in my right shoulder too, and I'm getting quite frustrated, though I'm trying to convince myself not to go overboard and start working myself into any kind of stressed mess.
Food today:
All bran for breakfast, miso soup at 2pm, and turkey stirfry with vegetables for dinner

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