Monday, 18 February 2013

Back at work and back to fasting

Well, I made it in to the office today.
I didn't fast at all while under the weather. I'd like to say I'd lost weight, but not so - it didn't affect my appetite at all, though it did encourage me to cut back on fibre (and chocolate has little or no fibre) and then on Saturday I did a class in making French macarons involving eating lots of cracked and misshapen efforts... Making the macarons was fun, much easier than I would have expected, and the chef teaching the class was excellent, so I expect to go back to the school for more classes in the future (its a good excuse for a day in London too ;-) ) The class was M's idea as a Valentine's Day gift, and a fantastic idea!
Now that I'm feeling better - though not strong enough to weigh myself just yet - I need to work some stuff out. I think the last few days have confirmed the need to cut back on sugar at all costs, which is a shame now that I'm all fired up to practice making macarons... Maybe I could make them to bring in to work...
So anyway, no more sugar for a while anyway. My OH's parents are visiting at the weekend so I'm unlikely to get away unscathed then, but I can do my best and build up some momentum beforehand. Also no booze at least until then, possibly while they're here but its no fun being the only sober one so I might not try for that while they're visiting. I will however then continue with the no booze after the weekend as well as cutting down on sugar. I think I'll reluctantly cut out the all bran straight away as I know that its higher sugar than you'd expect, and of course most definitely not gluten free. If all that works out it should definitely help me with my goals. The problem is that after indulging in both sugar and alcohol at the weekend, I really don't want to do any of that and I found myself wondering if being overweight really mattered this morning... Not a sign of feeling motivated to achieve great things I'm sure you'll agree! Plus it was someones birthday at work today so loads of very Un-diet-friendly goodies were scattered around the office while I was feeling hungrier than usual...
On the unexpected plus side I fitted a two mile walk into the lunchbreak period - with food shopping - and resisted all illicit food temptations. Pleased with myself there! I did have miso soup (18 calories) and 4 grapes afterwards. I wasn't as pleased with myself mid-afternoon when I felt very tired and old for a while - but I increased the calories at dinner time and felt much better!

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