Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Longest absence ever I think... Believe it or not, while I've been absent from your monitors I've actually kept writing the odd post... Just not following up by actually posting them. Then I discarded them all because they were so out of date they aren't even relevant to my stuck-in-a-rut-the-size-of-the-grand-canyon life any more. I don't know if I even remember what it's like to consider myself a blogger any more, yet I never consciously decided to stop or actively wanted to quit. Weird. Maybe I should pretend this is one of those newsletters some people send out at Christmas with a year's worth of stuff...
So, since we last met:
I got a contract extension for 6 months literally when I'd resigned myself to getting back on the job hunt.
I went for a two week Caribbean holiday over Christmas and the New Year. Much travel trauma was involved, that I may tell you about later if you're really lucky. Not.
No, it doesn't feel like Christmas if you spend the day itself in Puerto Rico (unless you live there, I guess). But it's a lot better than coming home to snow and grey skies. If anyone has a villa in St Lucia they want house sitting by a woman with no housework skills and a degree in 'I'll do it tomorrow' you know where to find me.
I ate a lot, and actually trained a lot while on holiday. Then I came home, carried on eating a lot, and effectively stopped training again.
I remembered how much I hate snow.
I discovered how much I like working from home when I can't get to the end of my street for the snow.
I repeatedly told myself, my husband, and anyone else who'd listen, that I would have started learning to run if not for the snow.
And I don't even live in Wales or Scotland where they have real snow!
I haven't remembered to photograph or otherwise record my food for weeks.
Possibly as a result, very few of my work clothes fit me any more, and I refuse to buy new ones. Don't get me wrong, they all do up - so long as I don't try to breathe, sit down, bend over...

Time for a change.
Heard that before...?
I guess we'll see...

Trying to get healthy again,
Chrissie over & out.

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