Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Trial period

Today I experimented with intermittent fasting, skipping breakfast & lunch and eating 500 calories for dinner. I was hungry a few times, less often than I expected, and managed to overcome that by drinking fizzy water. It's an interesting feeling, actually; (fasting, not being hungry) I felt very relaxed about food on the one hand (knowing I wasn't supposed to eat anything meant no quandaries about what I should eat, and no mental negotiations along the familiar lines of 'if I eat that, I can't eat that, unless I change my planned dinner to the other' which I am very prone to on normal days), but I can't claim I wasn't thinking about food at all, quite the opposite in fact - I was planning future meals and looking up recipes as usual. I am very aware that this sort of thing  could trigger my bingeing tendencies, so I monitored myself quite strictly and left all my money at home whilst ensuring that I had some tinned soup & low calorie yoghurts in the office in case I crumbled or felt dodgy, and ate one yoghurt at 3pm. I don't know how regularly I might be inclined to fast, but as a one off I found myself feeling healthier without any bloating or discomfort, and didn't notice any lightheadedness or lack of energy (even though I slept poorly last night). The only thing I did notice was some strange noises my stomach was making every so often, but there was no-one close enough to hear & embarrass me, so I didn't mind that! The hardest time, unsurprisingly, was lunchtime - I wasn't especially hungry, but habit, the smell of food coming from the kitchen area, and not being focused on work all combined to make me wish I had something I could eat. But I didn't, and that feeling didn't last too long! I didn't want to train till I knew how my body was going to react to having no food at all, but the lingering blisters from Saturday's walk would probably have stopped me anyway, so no worries.

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